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Pushing Squarepusher
December 09, 2010 07:05 PM PST
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Pushing Squarepusher
Molt Theme Song
Welcome back to Molt intro, some ketchup
Chapter 2: Couple ‘o thoughts
Squarepusher for the Gaurdian UK
Chapter 3: Couple ‘o conversations
Chapter 4: (Prelude to) SQUAREPUSHER
Squarepusher, “Squarepusher Theme” from the album Feed Me Weird Things
Chapter 5: Killin’ some time real quick, killin’ some real quick time
Chapter 6: Creative Loafing is chronicling my personal development
Chapter 7: Last night (Strokes-style, like the song)
Squarepusher, “Tundra” from the album Feed Me Weird Things
Chapter 8: Windin’ ‘er up
Squarepusher, “The Swifty” from the album Feed Me Weird Things

True For A Moment If Only Just
November 30, 2010 09:08 PM PST
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True For A Moment If Only Just
Chapter 1) It’s Been A Long Time (like Beatles and Hella)
Chapter 2) The Trench Party show at Nonies
“Farewell” by Boris from PINK
Chapter 3) David Foster Wallace (the first of Alex’s suggestions)
Chapter 4) More from the Navid interview
Chapter 5) Erik Satie & Conclusions
“Gymnopédies I, II, III” by Erik Satie

The Thanksgiving Show
November 22, 2010 09:44 AM PST
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Chapter 1. Intro.

Chapter 2. A quick & important amendment.

Chapter 3. Caffeine & TCH.

Chapter 4. Fiona Apple and her amazing artistic and personal transformation.

Fiona Apple, “Shadow Boxer” from Tidal.

Fiona ‘97.

Fiona ‘99.

Fiona on Charlie Rose.

Fiona on Howard Stern (Nasty interview but interesting how Fiona handles herself).

Fiona MTV Unplugged (She is so angry in these videos).

——— Everything after the above is how she is today, the change is amazing and powerful———

Fiona on Jimmy Kimmel quite possibly the lamest talk show host, his jokes are agonizing.

Fiona on Craig Ferguson one of the best hosts I have ever seen, you can feel his honest admiration and respect he has for Fiona as an artist.

Fiona Apple giving a strikingly honest, powerful and personal account of herself.

Chapter 5. Leonardo Da Vinci, the documentary

Fiona Apple, “To Your Love” from When The Pawn…

Chapter 6. Week rap-up and things to come.

Chapter 7 Navid’s Corner.

Fiona Apple “Better Version of Me” from Extraordinary Machine.

Maybe I Did...
November 22, 2010 09:23 AM PST
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Episode 2 chronicles the time between Nov. 8 - Nov. 11.